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How to prevent calcium scale in your pool!

You guys reading this you’re probably wondering what causes in pools? Well, the chances are with your pool you were taking no precautions to help avoid . Calcium carbonate typically forms where the water line is in the pool. As the evaporation increases during the summer with warm heat, the scale itself tends to become a white color. But more 9 Times out of 10 it is mixed with dirt algae to make it look darker. The most common cause for this is when the ppm of your water is over 400 and gets triggered by alkalinity. With a high in high temperatures, this is the result.

Things to help your calcium empidemic

One common thing that almost every pool owner does is use calcium hydrochloric shock. Putting this into your pool does nothing but add calcium. Using a non-chlorine oxidizer will help you solve that one simple problem. You can also try to lower your and alkalinity to make it harder for calcium pieces to form.


The typical way that calcium scale is first scraping off all of the heavy deposits. Then pour small amounts of any type of acid shock that you use such as acid magic or muriatic acid. You then one to quickly rinse it off and repeat it as needed. But this can be very vary depending on how long its been. If you cant remove it with in the first few times then that when I would recommend reaching out to our professionals and letting us handle the job! We will give you your old pool back without breaking your wallet, it’s what we love to do!

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If you feel this job is too much or will take you too long feel free to give the experts at Specialty Aquatic Tile Cleaning a call. We can help you solve any of your questions or concerns regarding your pool. Our phone number is 626-275-8959. We serve all of Covina CA and neighboring cities. What are you waiting for, give your pool it’s life back and enjoy what you paid for!