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Specialty Aquatic Tile Cleaning

Expert Specialty Aquatic Tile Cleaning Services – Restore Your Pool’s Beauty

Restore the beauty of your tiles with our expert Specialty Aquatic Tile Cleaning services. I specialize in calcium removal for tile and outdoor surfaces that are prone to hard water stains and calcium buildup. This includes not only pool tile but fountains and other water features. My services also extend to tile repair, deck staining and sealing, as well as plaster repairs and patching for pools.

While not a pool service company I am able to offer acid washes for customers who want to brighten up their plaster or remove stains.

The white buildup on your pool tile or favorite water fixture is most likely calcium buildup and yes it can be cleaned safely and without chemicals. This is a common problem especially with the hard water we have here in southern California.

In addition to tile cleaning I also offer an annual service contract that consists of maintenance and cleanings to keep your tile looking its best. Regular cleaning can help combat the long term effect of calcium buildup and lower the cost associated with excessive buildup.

Tile repairs range from fallen tile to replacing missing tile.  If a tile is missing or broken beyond repair I can help you find and install a suitable replacement.

I also offer a pool rehab/makeover special which includes a pool drain, acid wash for your plaster, startup chemicals, and tile cleaning.  This service can literally save you thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of new plaster and new tile.

At the end of the day I do a thorough cleaning and try to leave your pool area in better condition than when I arrived.