Cleaning the White Stuff off Pool Tile

There are many things to consider when it comes to the cleaning of a pool and pool tile.

What many people may not know is your tile can be cleaned even if it has longstanding calcium deposits or build-up. A lot of people refer to the calcium as the “white stuff” if they are unfamiliar with what it is.

However, calcium is not the only thing that can be built up on your tile. Sometimes you can get build-up from dirt being blown around or suntan oils and lotions that are in the water. They can stick to tile over time causing a dingy dirty film on the tile that takes away the sheen, shine and color of your brightest tiles.

Specialty Aquatic specializes in the removal of the calcium on your tile as well as other build-ups including but not limited to dirt, mud, and moss. If you have any questions about the white stuff on your pool features and tiles call us any time. 626-275-8959 – Tap Here To Call