Calcium Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Calcium Cleaning and Removal

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need to drain my pool?
A: It is not necessary to drain the water in your pool before a service call.  I have specialized equipment that I will use to drain the minimal amount of water.  It is just one of the many ways you will save money and time by working with Specialty Aquatic Services.

On a related note, some areas of Southern California such as Malibu, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills have increased pH levels that contributes to calcium growth – this is also known as hard water. In these areas I recommend draining 80-90% percent of water from your pool on yearly basis. See our section on continued preventative maintenance.

Q: Will your material clog my filters or skimmers?
A: No, the material I use is designed to pass through your filter system. Any material that stays behind will pass through your filter in 24-48 hours.

Q: Can you clean my deck too?
 In addition to calcium removal and tile repair we also specialize in power washing.  This is a great way to bring life back into an old deck or clean stains off natural stone.  As part of our power washing service we also seal your deck to help preserve and protect that natural luster.  See our gallery for a deck we serviced in Woodland Hills.

For those in fire affected areas these services can be used to treat damaged caused by soot and related debris.

Q: When is it safe to use my pool again?
A: Our operation is 100% safe and there are no harmful chemicals used in our process.  In most cases we recommend letting the system run through one full cycle to remove any leftover debris.  In cases of excessive calcium buildup, it can take several days for the pool to be ready for use.  This is not the norm and we will be sure to discuss follow-up procedures at the end of our service.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: The cleaning time can vary from job to job. Typically a cleaning will range from 3-6 hours.  Naturally larger pools or tile with excessive buildup will take longer.

Q: Can you replace tile that has fallen off my pool?
A: Yes, I can replace and reattached tiles that have become dislodged. However, before reattached tile I’ll make a full inspection to insure there is no underlying issues.

Q: Are you able to clean natural stone.
A:Yes, we work on many surfaces including engineered and natural stone.  While it is not unusual to see a mixture of material used in a pool construction each does require its own special care.  For example, with homes in the Agoura Hills area it’s common to encounter pools with red brick coping that is often damaged and experiencing erosion from excessive heat and high winds. When working with such surfaces we take extra care to limit further damage and treat the damaged area to slow future erosion.

Q: What type of material do you use?
A: Material used varies based on the type of tile you have in your pool.  For ceramic tile I use a solid media that will be vacuumed out as part of the tile cleaning service.  For glass tile I use a salt media that breaks down naturally in the pool with no ill effect to pool pH.

Q: Do you provide pool service?
A: No, but I do work with several companies that offer a monthly pool services and I am happy to refer you.

Q: I don’t have a pool, can you clean my fountain?
A: Yes, I am able to clean fountains, infinity walls, and other types of water features. Please visit my services page for more information.

Q: I need to do some work on my pool, are you able to come by and drain it?
A: Yes, I’d be happy to drain your pool.  Pricing will vary on pool size and water volume. Please visit my services page for more information.

Free estimates within 35 miles.  Jobs outside our 35 mile range will be handled electronically, and on the rare case that I need to come out for an estimate a $50 charge will be incurred if the job is not serviced on that day.

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