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Why Does My Pool Water Level Keep Dropping?

You noticed that your level drop. Sometimes it’s so obvious that you begin to feel like your pool is leaking, even when you are sure that it isn’t. 

Sometime during the last summer, I filled up my swimming pool to the brim, and after a few weeks, I found out I have lost some volume of water. When I noticed that, I felt my pool was leaking, but nope, it wasn’t. I later found out what happened. And guess what? It’s nothing mystical. 

Are you in that shoe right now? Do you want to know what I later found out, and how I later stopped level drop? I have it all out in this article. 

Let me show them to you.

Causes of Swimming Pool Water Level Drop

1. Heat from the sun

When you open the lid of a hot pot, what do you notice? Do u see droppings of water on the lid that tried to escape? The process of water trying to escape the pot is called evaporation. That is similar to what happens to your pool water. The water tries to escape the pool when the sun heats, and yes, some water volume actually escapes and drops your pool water level.


What prevented the water in the pot from escaping? Obvious answer. The lid. You can prevent your pool water level from dropping by ensuring the pool is covered when not in use. With this, escaping water is trapped and falls back into the pool.

2. Low humidity

Outside the effect of the sun, during the summer, the air in the atmosphere gets dry and needs water to remain balanced. At this stage, you say the humidity of the atmosphere is low. Nature has no choice but to steal some water from your pool. And it takes the water through the same process of evaporation. 


Since the same evaporation is involved, then you prevent it the same way. Make sure your pool is covered, to trap every water that tries to escape.

3. Outdoor wind

Some natural occurrences make evaporation happen faster. The wind is part of them. When the wind blows, the water that exists in the air is blown away, leaving the air thirsty once more. And ‌ nature will be tempted to replace the blown-away water with your pool water. Same reason why wet cloth dries faster with the wind. 


  • Keep your pool covered
  • A tree planted close to your pool will help break the wind and reduce its impact

4. Pool water splash

Having fun in your pool requires a lot of activities like water splash fight, deep diving, throwing of toys in the pool, and other activities that cause heavy water splash.


You can set some pool rules with your kids to avoid activities that incur huge water loss.

5. Leakage

Have your covered pool been left unused for some time, yet you notice a significant pool level drop? Or do you notice a deep drop in the pool level over a short time? Or a wet spot in the yard? These are the signs of a leaking pool. Then you should reach out to a pool professional to get it fixed immediately.


  • Avoid mechanical damage on your pool tiles or cracks on the wall.
  • Also, make sure your pool water is chemically balanced.

A Word From Killers

If your pool water level is dropping when unused and covered, please place a call through the professionals. We are willing to help. Here in , we inspect, service, and fix pools at an affordable price. Our response is quick. Reach out to us.