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Before Installing a Pool in Your Home What You Need to Do

You’re thinking of getting a in your home, but how do you start? What do you do to make sure your pool is 100% pleasure and 0% pain in the side? Ask the right questions from the start and use expert answers to plan your pool installation properly. Let’s show you the most critical of those questions and why you need to ask them.

Let’s dive in.

install pool liner baby on pool

An in-ground or above-ground swimming pool?

The in-ground swimming pool is the option to go for to have a custom-made swimming pool, with your desired dimensions and shape.

A shell pool is a monohull built in a single block, which will give the shape of the pool. As for waterproofing, it is an integral part of the hull. Quick and easy to install, it offers various options of shapes, sizes, and layouts which are however limited to the conditions of access and delivery.

Usually available as a kit, they can be installed by swimming pool experts or by individuals with good knowledge of masonry.

Above-ground swimming pools are a more economical alternative and simpler and faster to install.

How to access the pool?

You have to consider how to get to your pool before constructing it. Having a staircase connected to the pool is still common, but the trend is to opt for interior stairs. People can sit around the width of the pool to chat while sipping fruit juice.

The interior stairs are particularly comfortable for entering and exiting the water. Another option is a submerged beach on a gentle slope, with a very natural feel.

install pool liner

Which Pool liner to install?

The pool liner install is the flexible coating that seals the pool. It also gives its color to the water: white liner is for a sparkling water effect, for example, sand for natural water, green for lagoon-colored water, light gray for a contemporary look, etc.

It comes in several thicknesses. You can find 75/100 thick (the most common for a domestic swimming pool) and 150/100 (or reinforced membrane) for pools with high traffic or for swimming pool renovation.

Which filtration system to use?

There are different filtration systems: sand, cartridge, pockets, diatoms, or glass, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Your filtration system can be installed next to the pool structure and connected to it. It can be in the form of a filtering box/section or integrated into the structure.

The water is sucked in by the skimmer, filtered, and then re-injected into the pool via the delivery nozzle(s).

After building your desired swimming pool, whether it is for your relaxation or to add amenities to your home that beautify your life, you’ll have to maintain it regularly to keep your pool in tip-top condition.

Usually, this could be a strenuous activity that requires long hours of effort under the hot sun and sweating profusely. But companies exist for that so you don’t have to do it.

But even if you want to handle the job yourself, there is an easier way to maintain your pool. And when you want to get the job done in perfect condition, work with Calcium Killers. We not only help you prevent and clean the white deposits on your , we can also help you clean your pool generally to perfect condition.