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What to Expect During a Professional Pool Cleaning Service

Every pool owner desires to always have a healthy, clean, and sparkling pool. This is possible only with regular pool maintenance. Sometimes your pool requires detailed cleaning beyond the usual DIY methods you see on the internet. And in those instances, it’s essential to hire a professional pool cleaning service.

It’s the responsibility of your company to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming. When you want to hire a pool cleaning company to take care of your pool, it’s important to know what services they offer.

However, different companies offer different services, so to avoid a kick in the teeth, it’s a wise idea to ask them questions to understand what services they provide. In this article, we will show you what to expect from a professional pool cleaning service.

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Let’s unveil them!

Do You Need a Pool Cleaning Service?

Before we continue, let’s go back to the last time you cleaned your pool by yourself. Was it stressful? Did you get your desired result? The uncertainty you’re feeling is enough reason to hire a professional pool cleaning service.

Cleaning your pool can be hard work, especially if you’re new to it. It’s not just about removing dirt and debris. Ensure that the chemicals are balanced, and the equipment is functioning correctly. It can be frustrating to do all of this yourself, but a professional cleaning service can make it easier for you.

What To Expect When A Professional Cleans Your Pool

Hiring a pool cleaning company should be stress relieving. They will ensure your pool’s maintenance and keep it 100% ready at all times. Here is a list of what you should expect.

Case in point:

1. Initial inspection

This is the first thing a professional pool cleaner would do. They will conduct an initial inspection of your pool to check for any issues and develop a customized maintenance plan to keep your pool in good condition. They inspect your pool waterline for any blockages. 

Also, your pool accessories like the pool pump, pool filter, intake, and return values are also checked to ensure they are in good working condition. This inspection helps them to track the progress of your pool’s health over time and make adjustments to the maintenance plan as needed.

2. Chemical balancing

Professional pool services will also check the chemicals in your pool water to make sure it’s safe to swim in. This helps to prevent damage to your pool and its equipment. The chemicals they check for include chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.¬†

If any of these are too high or too low, they can cause skin and eye irritation, damage your pool and its equipment, and produce cloudy or scaling water. By keeping the chemical balance correct, your pool and its equipment are safe and ready for your next swim.

3. Brushing and skimming 

They will brush and skim your pool to remove dirt, algae, leaves, and bugs from the water and surfaces of the pool. Brushing your pool removes dirt and algae from your pool walls and steps while skimming removes debris from your pool water. 

This helps to keep the water clean, sparkling, and safe for swimming. Professionals have the required knowledge and tools to do this right and leave your pool sparkling clean.

4. Vacuuming 

Vacuuming is important to clean stubborn dirt and debris that settle on the bottom or sides of your pool. If they are left uncleaned, it can create an environment that nurtures the growth of harmful bacteria and Professional pool cleaners use special equipment and skills to vacuum your pool properly, keeping it clean and safe for swimming.

5. Filter cleaning 

Professionals will clean the filter in your pool to keep the water clean and sparkling. Your filter traps dirt and debris, but when it gets clogged, it becomes less effective. Regular cleaning prevents clogging and ensures the filter continues to trap pool pollutants, keeping your pool water safe for swimming. 

They also do this to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and They have the know-how and tools to do this properly, ensuring your pool stays clean and healthy.

6. Backwashing 

When cleaning your pool, professionals do a backwash to your pool to clean the filter system. When back-washing, the dirt and debris from your filter are flushed out. This helps to restore the filter’s ability to keep your pool water clean. Back-washing is a vital maintenance task that should be done regularly to keep your pool water clean and healthy.

7. Waterline cleaning

Professional pool cleaners also clean the waterline of your pool to remove the dirty buildup that accumulates at your pool’s edge. Fatty substances can cause this buildup, which looks bad and can attract bacteria and They will clean it to stop this from happening. They use specialized tools and cleaning solutions to remove the buildup without damaging the pool’s surface, ensuring that your pool remains clean, safe, and delightful.

8. Final inspection

Also, they conduct a final inspection of your pool to make sure that it’s safe, clean, and ready to use. They check the water quality, equipment, and surroundings to identify any issues that may have been omitted during the cleaning process. They also make sure that they balanced the chemicals in the water to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. A final inspection is important to ensure that the pool is in good condition and ready for your next swim.

9. The expert advice

Professional pool cleaners offer expert advice to you because of their vast knowledge of pool maintenance. They will give you helpful advice on how to maintain your pool. This includes; how to balance the chemicals in your pool, your pool filtration systems, and how to make sure your equipment is working properly.

A Word From Us

Cleaning your pool is essential for every pool owner. It’s a rigorous routine in which we train our professional pool cleaners to do. It is vital to ask a lot of questions when contacting one so that you can know what exactly you’re paying for.

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