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What Makes Calcium Killer Different From Everyone Else!

The Pool Cleaning Professionals!

At calcium killer, we understand a few more things than your average pool cleaning company does. We understand that you love to use your pool and you love the way it looks. Not only do we offer your ordinary calcium removal/tile cleaning service, but much more! Our professional team can handle any problems you have and take care of them with ease!

Tile Cleaning/ Calcium Removal

Pools that have made it through a few summers will typically start to have some sort of small damages. If the pool has tiles in your pool are beat-up, cracked, chipped, no worries! We can take care of that. Depending on the current tile you have, prices can range. Now you’re probably thinking how is it going to match all of my other discolored tiles? Well no worries, our team has the necessary tools equipped with them to get the job done. making all of the pool tiles look new again!

Power Washing

When it comes to your outdoor living area, many people wish that it would look 20 years younger again! Well with the power of our power washer, that is nothing but achievable! Many people realize the benefits that a power washer can bring, but don’t want to go and break the bank trying to buy one. At calcium killer we have you covered! Helping you in any way that helps regain the love you once had for your pool area. What’s the point of having a spotless pool, but a dirty area? That’s like driving a Ferrari but not ever giving it a car wash!

Pool Rehab Special!

Believe it or not many homeowners give up on their pool because they feel that it is too far gone. They fear that after it has become discolored and full of algae, there’s no saving it. Well, that simply is just not the case, at calcium killer we specialize in bringing your pool back to life! We give your pool all the love and attention it needs to get it back to normal, but when we leave we need your help to do the same. Owning a pool is like a chore that never ends, you constantly have to take care of it to keep it looking its best year-round. Our pool rehab special will have us drain your pool, acid wash and clean your plaster, and remove any and all calcium buildup or scales. And after that, we leave you with the pool you remember 15 years ago when you first bought it! Just leave it up to our pool experts!

Contact Us!

At Calcium Killer we have the team of professionals that you should want to hire! Our range of services is vast and if you have any questions regarding your pool or a certain job that you aren’t too sure if we offer, feel free to contact us at 626-275-8959. We strive to leave our customers with a grin from ear to ear and a pool like no other! Serving all of the pool owners in Covina CA and neighboring cities!