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Innovative Techniques for Cleaning Mosaic Pool Tiles 

When it comes to cleaning and pools, there are numerous factors to consider. Many individuals might not be aware that tile can be cleaned even if it has calcium buildup or deposits that have been present for a long time. Quite a number of people refer to calcium as the “white stuff” if they are unsure of what it is.

There are other substances that can accumulate on your tile in addition to calcium. Dirt that is blown around or suntan oils and lotions that are present in the water can occasionally cause buildup. They may adhere to the tile over time, leaving a grimy, stained layer that makes your tiles lose the gleam and sheen that they once had.

However, there are a number of innovative methods you can keep on hand to restore your pool. Let’s go specific about the best ways to keep your clean:

1. Choose the Right Cleaning Products for Mosaic tiles

Won’t it be exciting to have the glistening look and value your pool adds to your property back? That summer rejuvenation it provides, especially at this time of the year, soothes just as much.

Materials you’ll need to do the job more easily are:

  • Water
  • Mild detergent/solutions 
  • Nylon brush
  • Pumice stone

And if the dirt and grime are fairly minimal, you can use DIY cleansers like:

  • Vinegar and water
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Toothpaste
  • Or even dish soap.

But keep in mind that using bleach, ammonia, or any harsh chemical is a no-no for you unless a professional is involved. They will decolorize your tiles.

2. Deal with Stubborn Stains on Time 

Waterline stains (what some will call the “white stuff”) are one of the most common stains you’ll find in your pool. It is formed when water evaporates from the boundary between water and air in your pool. Stains can also be from mildew or other buildup. It is advised that you get rid of whatever the deposit may be as soon as possible before it constitutes a nuisance to your pool.

In doing so, you can:

  • Deploy a Pumice Stone

Scrub the tiles in a to-and-fro manner with the pumice stone until all the deposits are gone. Ensure to keep the stone wet to prevent scratches on your tiles.

  • Use a Steam Pressure Washer

This gadget can easily be rented from the hardware store if DIY is on your mind. Look for specifications of 2000–2600 psi (1400-1800N/cm²) that can reach 300⁰F (149⁰C). Then stand at a distance of about 3 ft (1m) to spray each section for 30 seconds. However, wear closed-toe shoes and safety goggles for your safety.

  • Bath with Acid

This should only be done by professionals. Though not that dangerous, in doing so you should be conscious of your safety and wear personal protective equipment like gloves, goggles, and boots.

First, you will have to drain the pool. Then bathe the tiled wall with an acid solution (hydrochloric acid mixed with water will do), starting from the deepest part while scrubbing it with an acid-resistant brush. After the entire wall has been bathed and scrubbed, you start over again, this time bathing it with a soda solution. This is to neutralize the acid.

Finally, rinse the pool with clean water using a hose. Pump the entire liquid out with a water pump.

This is quite a task. For convenience, contact a professional to do it for you instead. We’re always at your service at Specialty Aquatic Tile Cleaning.

3. Use Robotic Pool Cleaners for Mosaic Tiles 

This sounds more like a relief. You may be asking, “You mean there’s a robot to clean the pool?” Yes, a robot can do it for you. You’ll agree that one activity about the pool we don’t always like to hear about is . I’ll guess it is the only thing you yourself don’t adore about the pool, or at least one of the tops. 

Well, we’ve got good news: a robotic can help get the job done stress-free. And it will just be as sparkling after the cleaning.

How Does it Work?

Robotic pool cleaners use an electric motor to provide suction to draw out dirt and other debris. Most versions additionally employ revolving brushes to help remove more difficult-to-remove debris, like algae.

Choose the Right Robotic Cleaner

Here are the top important factors to watch out for before picking one:

1. Intelligence

A robotic cleaner with intelligence can recognize the route around your pool and clean it thoroughly in a shorter amount of time. The ones without this will be picked at random. So look out for one with smart technology, which will make life simpler.

2. Premium Grip

Robotic cleaners must have excellent traction in order to climb up walls and onto staircases. Without it, they’ll fall and find it difficult to accomplish the work correctly. Keep an eye out for 4WD, large rollers, or caterpillar tracks.

3. Capabilities for Emptying Water

There are some robotic cleaners that can shoot out the water in them when you want to lift them out of the pool. Choose this type to prevent a back-breaking experience while trying to get it out.

Nothing goes for free. Robotic pool cleaners aren’t that cheap. You will find one around $500–$1600, which is high, isn’t it? But in the long run, it saves quite a lot when you consider the following:

  • It uses little electricity.
  • No water is required.
  • Very few chemicals are required.
  • Save the cost of backwashing your filter.
  • Can handle stubborn stains directly
  • It will draw in all kinds of debris and impurities (including bacteria, algae, leaves, chemicals, lotions, and pollen) and keep your pool always clean.

4. Adopt Preventive Measures to Keep Mosaic Pool Tiles Clean

Prevention, we all agree, is always better than cure. Some prevention measures you can adopt to always keep your pool tiles clean are:

  • Avoid Using Hard Water

The calcium silicate (the “white stuff”) that forms at the waterline of your pool results from the type of water you use. Hard water contains calcium ions, so avoid it.

  • Use A Solar Cover

This will prevent leaves and other debris, which can cause buildup, from getting into your pool. You’ll find affordable ones that suit your pockets. It also helps keep your pool’s temperature at a constant level.

There Is an Alternative to All This Work

However great the benefits we enjoy from the pool—the fun, entertainment, fitness, and on and on the list goes—there’s still a part we don’t seem to adore, which is cleaning the pool. Though well listed in this article are techniques you can adopt to clean the pool, we understand the stress involved in achieving a glistening and beaming pool, so reach out to us at Specialty Aquatic Tile Cleaning. And you can be assured of the beauty and durability of your pool. We also offer pool repair services