5 Types of Swimming Pools in California for You 

What’s your picture of a perfect home’s Swimming Pools in California? Is a swimming in it? Who doesn’t want to have a in his home? Well, some might not want that, for personal reasons. But if you aren’t “some’’ then it’s so important to know the different types of swimming pools out there in California for you. 

There are different types of swimming pools out there each with its specific pros and cons. We will describe the top 5 types alongside their pros and cons to guide you to know the one most suitable for you. Installing a swimming in your home is an expensive project. It will be further expensive if you install the wrong type or a type that you won’t gain satisfaction from. This is because in no time you’ll dismantle the for a type you consider far more comfortable than yours. 

So you should take a wholesome view into the various types of swimming pools for you here in California. We will guide you through.

swimming pools in california

Let’s dive in!

Case in point:

1. In-ground swimming pools in California

These are the most populous and long-lasting types of swimming pools here in California. It’s this type of pool that is mostly used in family houses. It’s a great option for family fun. On an average scale, in-ground pools cost $28,000 to $55,000 to install. The huge difference in the price range is because there are different materials the in-ground swimming pool can be made of. The in-ground swimming pools are classified in terms of materials which are: 


    • Fiberglass

    • Vinyl

    • Concrete

Each type of material has its unique pros and cons that you should consider before going for it. Let’s talk a little about them. 


A fiberglass pool is the most expensive to install but the cheapest to maintain. Installation isn’t just cheap, but easy when compared to the rest. Since they are built from a mold, the shape is not customizable. They can’t be wider than 16 feet. 


A vinyl pool is, on the other hand, cheaper to install and can be built to any shape and size. The major problem with the vinyl material is that the vinyl liner needs to be replaced often. Probably every 5 – 10 years. This is because the material is thin and can easily get damaged. 


A concrete pool is the most durable and most difficult to install. It takes about three to six months to set it up. They are the most difficult to maintain. 

2. Above-ground swimming pool

This is usually used as a background swimming pool. On an average scale, the above-ground swimming pool costs $1,850 to $5,000 to install. Although you can get it far more expensive than this or even way cheaper depending on your preference. It’s the cheapest and easiest to install. The installation process isn’t as complex as the res. They aren’t the best option if you are looking for a beautiful option, but you can improvise its beauty by installing a deck for about $15 to $35 per square foot. 

This pool might be a good choice for you if you have kids at home because it minimizes the risk of falling in because of the height of its entry point. Although it seems to be a great option for kids, we always advise domestic pool owners to use all possible measures to prevent kids from accessing the pool. 



    • Inexpensive

    • Easy to install

    • Less risk of falling in



    • Not as aesthetically pleasing

    • Not as durable as others

3. Lap swimming pool

They are not suitable for family purposes but are the best if you love swimming for exercise. They are long rectangular pools with a typical dimension of 30 to 70 feet. No part of the pool is shallow, it is deep from end to end. And this makes it one of the most dangerous to have if you have kids or non-swimmers around. If you need this kind of pool in your home regardless, we advise you to use an above-ground lap pool rather than an in-ground lap pool. And your budget will also support this advice as above-ground is way cheaper than the in-ground lap swimming pool but less beautiful. 



    • Suitable for exercise



    • Not perfect for family

    • Not very functional outside of doing laps

swimming pools in california

4. Architectural swimming pool in California

This is one of the most expensive types of swimming pool. They can be installed in homes, offices, and even hotels. Just as the name implies, architects usually design this type of swimming pool. They are the most luxurious and sophisticated type of pool. They require lots of professional planning and paperwork before installation. Architectural pools are the best for edifices and luxurious homes. 

Architectural swimming pools usually complement the design of homes and overall landscaping and are often designed at the same time as the house. The architects use the same building materials used to build the house to create a cohesive look with the building.



    • Aesthetic satisfaction

    • Adds resale value to the home



    • Very expensive

    • Complex installation process

5. Infinity swimming pool

Infinity swimming pools are usually called various names like vanishing edge pools, zero edges, negative edge, or infinity edge because they create a visual effect of water with no boundary. But in reality, the water is fully contained. Infinity swimming pools are usually designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger water body like a river or ocean, or with the sky. You can see it often at hotels, resorts, estates, and at luxurious places. They are one of the most expensive types of swimming pools. The infinity illusion adds approximately 30% of the cost of an in-ground pool. 

Stay Neat

Having the most expensive and beautiful pool in your home without keeping it neat is like having a lamp that doesn’t light up the room. There are so many stains that can inflict damage on your pool and threaten to leave permanent scars if not taken care of. No matter your pool choice in California, keep it clean with Calcium Killers today. We are the right choice to take down that difficult stain. Reach out to us today!

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