Is Calcium Building Up On the Waterline of Your Pool?

stains in pool

A common issue that every pool owner will encounter at some point down the road would be in the area around the pool. can cause your pool to look dated and aged. You spend tens and thousands on a new pool why not just keep it that way? We see so many pools in which the owner didn’t control it! But not everyone knows until it happens to them!

The waterline is the usual residue point

The waterline is the most common area for calcium and lime to build up. It’s very important to address it at first sight so it can’t become a big deal because as these build up it causes damage to your pool whether you see it or not. It gets in the pool filters that are designed for soft objects, not hard calcium. See how this can be a potential issue? Another common thing that will happen if it is left untreated for too long is that it will continue to damage the plaster and grow. This will grow anyplace near the pool that is constantly wet. Now that leaves you with 2 problems to fix because the first wasn’t addressed when it should have been!

Is calcium deposits irritating your eyes?

A lot of people enjoy swimming with their eyes open and not with goggles. When it gets to a certain point calcium deposit can start to just appear in the pool. This leaves the swimmers at risk of opening their eyes underwater. Another thing is that it leaves the pool uncomfortable. Leaving particles in the pool and making it uncomfortable for swimmers, causing debris to get into the eyes

Getting rid of calcium deposits

You can very easily take care of this and save yourself some money by grabbing yourself some toothpaste, , and vinegar. Using knees together and scraping off the calcium deposits can be much help. Another thing you can do is clean it with muriatic acid. This is a lot more powerful and should be handled with extreme caution. You can pick up muriatic acid at just about any pool store. But before you do any of this, contact your local pool store and tell them your situation. See if they can offer any advice on what would best help you in the end.

Let’s help you get rid of calcium deposits

You don’t have to expose yourself to danger and break your back trying to get rid of calcium deposits. These are extremely difficult deposits to clean from your pool waterline. Let’s step in with our specialized tools, equipment, and years of experience to get rid of this problem for you easily.

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