How to Clean Your Pool with Bicarbonate (Easy and 100% Natural)

Thinking on Pool cleaning? Is your pool dirty? With a big black line at the waterline? It’s normal after winter, even if you put on a tarp. But no need to use harsh chemicals for the skin.

Fortunately, here is a natural tip for cleaning the pool liner without chemicals, even if the pool is full. The simple and effective thing is to clean it with .

How to Cleaning a Pool with

1. Take

2. Sprinkle it on a sponge

3. Put yourself in the swimsuit

4. Rub the dirty mark with the sponge

5. Put baking soda back on the sponge

6. Continue around the pool.

And now, your pool is now perfectly clean without using chemicals 🙂

Easy, fast, and efficient, right?

Not to mention that it is 100% natural. Products sold commercially are so harmful that it is forbidden to bathe for 12 to 24 hours after use! It is scary, right?

With baking soda, you risk absolutely nothing. You can enjoy your pool immediately and cool off immediately. Even a baby can bathe without risk for its fragile skin.

Why Does It Work?

Baking soda is a great product that has incredible cleaning, stain removal, and antiseptic properties. It eliminates the dirt that forms on the waterline easily. Thanks to its grainy appearance, bicarbonate also has abrasive properties to gently loosen dirt without damaging the liner.

In addition, this trick also works very well for maintaining the pool throughout the season. Don’t worry, the bicarbonate is safe for the cover, the paint, or the walls of the pool, whether it is a shell or cement pool, whether in-ground or above ground. And you can even clean the children’s plastic pool, a freestanding pool or a tubular pool this way.

Bonus Tip

Baking has another property. It also has a regulating action on the pH of water.

It increases the pH of the when it is too acidic (between 0 and 6) and decreases it if it is too basic (between 8 and 14).

This allows you to regulate the water and obtain a neutral pH, around 7. To test the pH of the pool water, just use test strips. It’s super easy! Soak it in water and you will immediately see the result.

If the result is not good, pour a full cup of baking soda into the water. Then leave on overnight. Test the pH of the pool water again with a new strip. If the result is still not good, start putting bicarbonate in the water again and wait overnight.

The amount of bicarbonate needed will depend on the volume of water, but also on the pH of the water before treatment.

Or to clean your pool much more easily, you can…

Hire a Professional Pool Cleaning Service

A pool cleaning service saves you the excruciating and time-consuming task of pool cleaning. It is easier to delegate to professionals. You don’t have to worry about it because a professional is handling it.

The professional can detect issues and fix them right away. However, if you use a DIY approach, you need to ask professionals when things are going wrong. Also, you cannot handle some hard tasks. These tasks are fixing leak, mending broken tile, balancing the water’s chemical composition, conducting an integrity audit of your equipment, etc.

Besides that, here are other reasons to use professional help:

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional to take care of your pool.

The first and most important reason is to maintain the chemical integrity of your pool water.

Chemically treating a swimming pool can be very frustrating for pool owners, at least if you want to maintain a level of quality!

In fact, this is a big reason why people prefer a professional review of their pool, as it can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

Most importantly, your swimming pool is a breeding ground for nasty little organisms. Proper chemical treatment can effectively treat water and ensure the health and well-being of your family.

The next big reason for hiring a pool maintenance professional is to properly maintain the pool equipment. Most owners are not good at mechanically and are a little intimidated by the pool equipment.

In addition, there are many moving parts and if anything moved, it could drastically affect the normal operation of your pool and its filtration process.

Pool maintenance professionals will not only keep your pool running smoothly, but will also use preventative maintenance techniques to save you time and money.

The last and most important reason to hire professionals is to enjoy your pool! 

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