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Are Swim Diapers Reliable?

We have a question at hand to answer. Are reliable? Are you expecting the quick “yes it is, or no it isn’t” kind of answer? Answering this will take us more than a yes or no straightforward reply. So if you are expecting a quick answer, you should probably first know the actual use of and then re-ask yourself the question. 

We have your answer in this article. And we will take our time to explain to you some important details you should note before seeking how reliable are. Are you ready to kick start with us? 

Let’s get started!

Now, you should know that you are not the only one that has doubted the reliability of swim diapers. A Lot of people have been in this mind space that you are, but they let their skepticism and doubt fade into white noise. But you decided to research further. That is a good step for proper pool and personal hygiene.

Let’s tell you what the manufacturers of swim diapers have to say. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), no manufacturer claims that these products prevent the leakage of diarrhea into pools. So, you see that even the manufacturers don’t manufacture the swim diapers to contain diarrhea that leaks out from the bum of little ones. If that is so, why then did they manufacture swim diapers? What are its purpose and importance? 

Let’s keep moving!

Purpose and importance of Swim Diapers

Although swim diapers can’t contain diarrhea leaks, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still advises that all public swimming facilities make sure that all infants wear a swim diaper before entering the pool. And you should change the swim diapers in the diaper changing area after every 60 minutes — far away from the poolside. This means that swim diapers have some contributions to the health of swimmers, and those contributions are the reasons they are manufactured. What could they possibly be?

  • Swim diapers prevent accidental bowel leakage in the pool.
  • It can delay diarrhea-causing germs like cryptosporidium from leaking into the water for a few minutes.
  • It contains a solid stool and prevents it from polluting the pool.
  • It is specifically made to be worn in the pool.

All these are the hygiene benefits of swim diapers. And are the reasons why The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that all public pools should have infants putting them on. 

Meanwhile, there are other reasons parents prefer swimming diapers to regular baby diapers. Let’s show them to you:

  • It gives the parents peace of mind and assures them of hygiene to an extent.
  • It doesn’t swell in the water as normal diapers do.
  • It adds this cute look to their baby’s outfit. 
  • It is easy to put on and off when wet.

All these advantages (health and others) are the reasons swim diapers are seemingly important and a must-have for your cute little baby that loves the pool. 

Swim diapers vs Regular Diaper

Using regular diapers for your baby is an efficient way of preventing a stool spill. But that’s not true when in the pool. The manufacturers of swim diapers make them be used in the pool. So when your baby is about to enter the pool, keep the regular diaper off and use the swim diaper for the baby. 

Let’s show you the comparison between a swim diaper and a regular diaper in the pool:

Swim diapers:

  • Hardly absorbs water, so you don’t have to worry about it swelling.
  • Since it is manufactured for the pool, it is swim-friendly and comfortable.
  • The water can’t make it lose its ability to retain stool (solid or gel-like stool).

Regular Diapers:

  • Wearing it in the pool triggers swelling as it absorbs a lot of water.
  • Since it swells when wet, it can’t be comfortable, and your baby will definitely hate it.
  • As it swells, it gets loosened and loses the ability to perform its primary task, retaining stool or even urine.

Are Swim Diapers Reliable?

Now, knowing the reasons why swim diapers are manufactured and recommended by CDC, can we then say that swim diapers are reliable? Taking it for its original function, yeah, they are reliable. But taking it beyond its function and expecting it to prevent the spread of diarrhea in the water, nope, they are not.

How to Use Swim Diapers to ensure It Is Reliable

To make sure the swim diapers are effectively retaining stool when in the pool. Keep the following tips in mind

  • Check the diaper every 60 minutes to ensure it’s not yet soiled.
  • Noticed it is soiled? Take them to the diaper changing area. It has to be far from the pool.
  • Change to a new swim diaper.
  • If it’s a disposable swim diaper, pls dispose far away from the pool, if it’s a reusable clean diaper, wash it properly.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Swim Diaper for Your Baby


Should you go for a reusable swim diaper or a disposable one? These are questions you should consider. If your baby swims often, then a reusable diaper should be your option. Although it will cost you more, you will save money in the long run. If not, then you should go for a disposable. They are cheaper and more convenient since they are disposable.


Just as for the regular diapers, they are different sizes for swim diapers. Buy the one that fits the size of your baby to prevent opening and spaces between the body and diapers. With that, you will be sure to use an effective diaper.

Key Takeaways

Trusting the swim diaper to keep out the diarrhea leaks is a risk to your health and that of your family. You should rely on it to significantly decrease the spread of facial bacterial contamination, or to retain solid waste. But withholding it for so long, nope! That’s why we will advise that friends or family with diarrhea, should stay off your pool to avoid contaminating the entire pool and making others sick. Also, the pool should be properly chlorinated- to make sure it is in good hygiene and disinfected.

There is a lot more information to be abreast of to keep your pool hygienic and to prevent getting sick after using your pool. You can reach out to us for our consultancy and advice.