Above ground Pool Washing and Maintenance: Step-by-step Guide

To have unparalleled bathing comfort throughout this summer, your  needs to be cleaned regularly. Simple actions, a little equipment, a little time and you make sure to keep the water clean and the equipment efficient.

Treatment and filtration products help clean water from impurities and keep it clean. However, dirt is also deposited in the bottom, on the walls and in the equipment, which is why it is necessary to clean your swimming regularly.

Step by step cleaning

1. Remove debris from the surface of the water

Using a landing net, remove any debris floating on the surface of the water, blown by the wind: insects, plants and others.

Redo this as soon as debris is present on the water.

2. Empty the baskets

If your pool contains a skimmer, empty the basket which contains large debris such as insects and plants.

Check the skimmer regularly and empty the basket if it contains debris.

The filtration of your pool is initiated by a pump. It has a transparent cover in order to control the pre-filter basket which may contain debris passed through the skimmer. As well as the skimmer basket, empty the pump basket when it is not in operation.

Check the pump regularly and empty the basket if it contains debris.

Be sure to increase the frequency of checks during the high season.

3. Vacuum the bottom and sides

Once a week, clean the bottom and sides. This can be done using a manual or automatic vacuum cleaner, or an automatic robot, both connected to the filtration. Be careful to have a pump powerful enough to connect a vacuum cleaner or a robot.

Clean the debris from the bottom of the pool once a week using a vacuum cleaner or robot. If, before the season, the pool is used less, reduce the frequency of cleaning.

4. Clean the water line

Dirt clings and the water line becomes greasy, which is why it is important to clean it once a week, before or after vacuuming the basin. The water line is cleaned manually using special sponges. Note that some automatic robots make the waterline.

5. Wash the filter

  • Sand filter

Wash the sand from the sand filter once a month when the pool is not used a lot to once a week in high season. To know when to wash the filter, look on the manometer (if your filter has one), if the needle is in the red, you must backwash the filter.

Regularly check the pressure gauge and backwash when the filter is not in the filtration phase.

  • Cartridge filter

In high season, the filter cartridge must be changed every 2 to 3 weeks. For regular filter maintenance, clean the filter cartridge with clean water twice a week.

Follow this advice and you will enjoy your even better this summer. Plus, it is a healthy way to maintain your pool cleanliness..

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Power Washing

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Why Should You Work With a Pool Maintenance Professional?

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional to take care of your pool.

The first and most important reason is to maintain the chemical integrity of your pool water.

Chemically treating a swimming pool can be very frustrating for pool owners, at least if you want to maintain a level of quality!

In fact, this is a big reason why people prefer a professional review of their pool, as it can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

Most importantly, your swimming pool is a breeding ground for nasty little organisms. Proper chemical treatment can effectively treat water and ensure the health and well-being of your family.

The next big reason for hiring a pool maintenance professional is to properly maintain the pool equipment. Most owners are not good at mechanically and are a little intimidated by the pool equipment.

In addition, there are a large number of moving parts and if anything moved, it could drastically affect the normal operation of your pool and its filtration process.

A pool maintenance professional will not only keep your pool running smoothly, but will also use preventative maintenance techniques to save you time and money.

The last and most important reason to hire professionals is to enjoy your pool! 

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