6 Pool Tile Cleaning Tips the Pros Don’t Want You to Know

Swimming pool tile cleaning plays a huge role in beautifying your swimming pool. When they are dirty, it defeats this aim. Your pool becomes shabby-looking and unpleasant. Pool tile cleaning is necessary for maintaining the appearance of your swimming pool. However, homeowners usually find it difficult to keep their pool tile cleaning.

Do you regularly clean your but still find them dirty? The white lines you see on your pool tile are scales. Scales are basically calcium build-up. They appear on your pool tile when there is too much calcium in the water. Not to worry, these swimming pool tile cleaning tips will come in handy.  

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Tips You Should Know

If you are wondering why your pool tile doesn’t seem clean enough despite your efforts, here are six swimming pool tile cleaning tips you need to know:

Reduce the Use of Cleansers That Contain Acid

Some are acid-sensitive. Hence, avoid using cleansers with acids like vinegar or lemon juice. This may come as a surprise since vinegar is the most common pool tile cleaner homeowners use. 

Avoid using these strong cleaning products daily. When you use such cleaners, the adhesives that help prevent oils and grime from permeating the tile get damaged. Don’t make it a habit to use vinegar or lemon juice for your pool tile cleaning. While it is effective for cleaning, it may be bad for your pool tile.

Use Tennis Balls to Absorb Oil

You can convert tennis balls for various purposes, including oil absorbers. This makes them useful for your pool. By simply tossing a couple of tennis balls into the pool, you can remove the oily layer. The tennis balls will float on the surface and absorb the oils on the water surface. 

The sunscreen you use before entering the pool can emit oil onto your pool tile. However, the wool and nylon on the tennis balls can absorb the oil. Although the pool will still require some maintenance, this is a simple trick that will help keep your pool tile cleaning.

While it is safe to leave the tennis balls in the pool, you need to wash them. Take them out regularly to wash them. Throw them into the washing machine for a quick wash. You can return them to float on the surface of the pool when they are clean.

Steam Pressure Washers Can be Dangerous

Your pool tile Cleaning with a pressure washer can be a quick and straightforward process. Without the effort of scrubbing with brushes, a steam pressure washer efficiently eliminates dirt and calcium. However, the steam pressure washer can even remove tiles. 

It is a powerful tool, and you need to handle it properly. Professionals are best at handling the steam pressure cleaner. But, if you decide to do it on your own, you should first perform some basic tests. Make sure that all the pool fittings are secure. 

Check all accessories, outlets, and inlets. Wear protective clothing that is appropriate for the task. Wearing your swimsuit is not a good idea. This is because, if you don’t handle it properly, a steam pressure washer can cause injury.

Dissolve Particles in Pool Shock Before Putting it in Your Pool

Your pool requires chlorine. Chlorine eliminates bacteria and protects you and your family from getting sick. It also aids in the maintenance of your . This is where pool shock comes in. Pool shock is a good way to get chlorine in your pool, but you need to be careful. 

Pool shock particles that haven’t dissolved can drop to the bottom. When they do, they can damage your pool tile. Do not put the pool shock directly into the pool. First, dissolve the particles in water before putting the pool shock in the pool.  

Run Your Pool Filter Every Day

Running your pool filter every day may seem expensive, but it is a good practice. You end up saving more money when you do this. It helps ensure proper filtration. In the long run, it keeps your pool tile clean.

Run your pool filter for at least six to eight hours every day. The good news is that you don’t have to run the pool filter for eight straight hours. You can split the time and run it according to your schedule.

Use Scrapers With Your Pool Tile Cleaners

Specially formulated cleaners for pool tile are easy to come by. If you don’t want to go to a physical store to get these items, you can easily find them online. You can make your own solution by mixing a muriatic acid with water and filling a spray bottle with it. However, we don’t recommend this for novices because handling this solution might be harmful.

Buy a good scraper for your pool tile cleaning. A scraper helps in the removal of stubborn calcium buildup. It also softens it when used with your preferred tile cleanser. Plastic scrapers are preferable since they do not damage your pool tile.

Read Instructions on Pool Tile Cleaning Products

You may think pool tiles are pretty straightforward, so reading instructions is unnecessary. Well, reading instructions is not just necessary but important. When you read the instructions, you will find how to use the products properly.

Hire Us For Your Pool Tile Cleaning

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