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How We Can Help You With Your Pool Today

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Types of Services We Offer?

Here at the specialty aquatic tile cleaning, we offer a wide range of pool cleaning services! I will first start off by telling you that a clean pool is a lot more enjoyable. When your pool is clean and everything is right, you can expect to swim with your eyes open and not worry!

Pool Tile Cleaning and Replacement

When you get your pool tile repaired or replaced by us, you can expect everything to look as good as new. We can help you if they’re discolored as well!

Pool Makeover Special

Another service that we offer as well would be our pool makeover special. If your pool hasn’t received the care and attention that it requires you can probably start to notice some discoloration going on. How we address this issue is first we have to completely drain the pool, followed by an acid wash to clean the plaster, and then lastly calcium removal on the tiles. But just like any other job, it all depends on the pool size!

Power Washing

The third most popular service that we offer would be power washing. When we power wash you can expect to have your deck completely clear of any old dirt marks. This is usually what people get as well as the pool makeover. These both go together really well, leaving your backyard as you could remember it years ago.

Ceramic tile with heavy build up

Many pool owners know that owning a pool can be difficult at first and very irritating. So why go through all of the problems that arise with pool owners when you could have a trusted company like specialty aquatic tile cleaning take care of it for you!

Here at specialty aquatic tile cleaning, we charge by the linear foot. In some cases very rarely though, it is by the square foot. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and demolish the competition. We offer free estimates to anyone within 35 miles of us. So why are you waiting?

Pick up the phone and call 626-275-8959 and get your free estimate!

Why Should You Work With a Pool Maintenance Professional?

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional to take care of your pool.

The first and most important reason is to maintain the chemical integrity of your pool water.

Chemically treating a swimming pool can be very frustrating for pool owners, at least if you want to maintain a level of quality!

In fact, this is a big reason why people prefer a professional review of their pool, as it can be confusing for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

Most importantly, your swimming pool is a breeding ground for nasty little organisms. Proper chemical treatment can effectively treat water and ensure the health and well-being of your family.

The next big reason for hiring a pool maintenance professional is to properly maintain the pool equipment. Most owners are not good at mechanically and are a little intimidated by the pool equipment.

In addition, there are a large number of moving parts and if anything moved, it could drastically affect the normal operation of your pool and its filtration process.

A pool maintenance professional will not only keep your pool running smoothly, but will also use preventative maintenance techniques to save you time and money.

The last and most important reason to hire professionals is to enjoy your pool! 

Pick up the phone and call 626-275-8959 and get your free estimate! Proudly taking care of Covina CA and all of its pool owners! Feel free to also give us a call with any other questions or concerns regarding your pool!

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How to Clean the Joints of Your Swimming Pool Tiles

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Pool tiles are very easy to clean. Because the dirt is usually the same ones found in damp rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, shower and swimming pool.

On the other hand, cleaning the joints is another story! Under the action of humidity and corrosive water treatment products (chlorine, salt, bromine), the joints become dirty, blacken and stain with mold.

Here are some practical tips for cleaning the joints of swimming pool tiles.

Natural stone and glass tile combo

Maintenance of the joints of a tiled swimming pool

Bacteria, germs and microorganisms proliferate on fouled joints, which is not optimal for bathing in clean, healthy water. The pool robot is certainly very effective: it sucks up dirt, leaves, detritus, hair … but it does not remove scale which becomes encrusted at the joints.

There are different natural and ecological products to clean the joints of a tiled swimming pool.

  • Baking soda to whiten joints

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Spray and leave to act for ten minutes. Rinse with clear water and allow to dry.

  • White alcohol vinegar to remove lime

Pour white vinegar into a container and add a little washing-up liquid. Rub the joints with a toothbrush, leave to act, and rinse with clear water. You can also mix a glass of alcohol vinegar with two spoonfuls of baking soda. Same process: rub, leave on, and rinse with water.

Lemon and black soap are also natural and effective products to remove lime that lodges in the joints of the tiles.

Cleaning a swimming pool tile with a magic sponge

The magic sponge , also called magic eraser, makes it possible to clean the water line, the tile joints of the swimming pool , the deposits of tartar … To use it is easy: just moisten the sponge then rub the interstices of the tiles. It is an economical and quick solution for cleaning your tiled pool. The price of a magic sponge is around 2 euros, and they are generally sold in batches at attractive prices.

On the other hand, if the joints of a tiling are too damaged, they must be redone . It is advisable to call on a competent pool specialist or a tiler who has the necessary know-how to work on a swimming pool. Indeed, the good quality of the joints of a swimming pool is essential. The seals ensure perfect sealing and good insulation of the pool. Be careful, because leaky seals can sometimes cause water infiltration at the level of the basin.

Some precautions to take when cleaning the joints of a swimming pool tile

Bleach is not recommended because it is too corrosive. In addition, its use is dangerous during its handling. This product should not be mixed with other products as the fumes can be harmful and toxic.

The jet cleaner is to be used with caution: its jet is powerful and poorly controlled, this accessory can take off the seals without cleaning them.

Get more guidance from a professional pool cleaner near you.

Calcium Gone

Call us when you want the calcium gonecalcium removal calcium killer

Tap Here to Call and speak to the expert in calcium.

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