5 Long-Lasting Methods for Keeping Your Pool Waterline Clean

If you notice the appearance of white spots or white bands, this is because of the lime present in your water. In fact, depending on the region, the water in your may be more likely to create these calcium deposits.

The sudden change in temperature, atmospheric pressure, or the of your water can speed up the deposit of scale in your . The major disadvantage is that they are difficult to erase, you cannot prevent their appearance but only slow down their progress.

Cleaning your pool waterline by hand

We can never say it enough, but the most effective solution is often the simplest. Indeed, a little elbow grease combined with accessories and cleaning products will not only give you an athletic shape but also optimal results!

The different types of water line maintenance equipment

A classic sponge or a special brush: For effective cleaning, they must be combined with products specially designed to remove dirt from the walls. For the sponges avoid using the recurring part which could damage the waterline.

Microfiber cloths: Simpler and more effective than a sponge or a brush, they do not necessarily require the use of additional products.

The magic sponge: This material is designed with a patented plastic foam which makes it possible to erase traces or stains encrusted on a plastic surface (liner, shutters, staircase, etc.). No need for additional cleaning products.

Cleaning the waterline with a swimming pool robot

Less tiring and less expensive in the long term, the use of a pool robot can be a good alternative. Indeed, more and more electric robots can not only clean the bottom but also the walls of swimming pools which can save you considerable time thanks to its automatic mode but also save money because no need to use special water line cleaning products.

However, the only drawback, as you can imagine, is that human work remains more efficient, this is due to the fact that the robot will not be able to insist on priority areas where the deposit of dirt is more important and to rub like it is necessary.

Cleaning the waterline with a grease residue absorbent

The fatty residues which result from the fallout from hydrocarbon combustion (transport, industry, agriculture, etc.) play a major role in the clogging of the walls at the level of the waterline. To avoid this, there is a solution: put in your swimming pool a product specially designed to absorb fatty residues.

Dressing your waterline: Use of decorative friezes

A real remedy against the aging of your waterline: The use of decorative friezes which allow you to decorate and/or renovate your waterline.

The main advantage of this technique is that dirt does not adhere to the material of the frieze, so you benefit from simple and effective maintenance while personalizing your pool. A method that allows you to make two hits with one stone!

Waterline cleaning solutions to avoid

Obviously, there are solutions and things not to do or to avoid when cleaning the waterline.

The first rule is not to rub too hard because this can cause irreversible degradation of your wall and give the opposite result: the dirt will become encrusted more easily and especially durably!

Related to the first, the second rule is to ban sponge patterns with a scraper or just don’t use the recurring part. In addition, products considered “abrasive” are not recommended.

And finally, try to use anti-UV products (sunscreen, sun oil, etc.) in moderation. To avoid excess take a shower before swimming.