How To Do Your Best To Help Avoid Calcium Buildup In Your Pool For This Summer

is a problem that happens to every single pool owner. Here we are going to be talking about if you basic fixes to help decrease the amount of in your pool so that way you and your family can enjoy all of your summer activities in the coming months.

If you look at your pool and you see some sort of white or gray-ish layer along with the size of your pool tile near the waterline, that would be calcium. Calcium builds up in your pool when its levels are off. Hoping to maintain your pools pH levels can be a crucial step in helping avoid this problem. Calcium doesn’t just go away, it has to be prevented. here are just three easy ways to help ensure your pool will be 100% swimmable for the summer!

1.) Adjust Your PH.

One important thing you can do to help ensure doesn’t happen to you is to make sure your pool has the right pH and alkalinity. One easy way to find out which way you need to adjust your pH would be to use a phenol red solution. This solution will turn different colors in your pool’s water depending on its pH. If the water test a little high, a simple solution would be to add pool acid in small amounts.

2.) Remove Any Calcium Carbonate.

When it comes to doing this the best way to remove any calcium carbonate be to use some sort of calcium cleaner. After you do this you should try to use some sort of scale or stone remover depending on the surface of your pool. Or you can also try out a commercial stain eraser. Commercial stain erasers are very popular when it comes to removing calcium carbonate and make it a lot easier to reach those tougher places.

3.) Future Prevention

after you have your pool all cleaned out the best and most easy way to help prevent any future calcium buildup is to buy some sort of calcium prohibitive. Calcium per Hibbett her‘s are applied to the pools tiles or even glass. Along with that helping ensure that your pool’s pH is in between a 7.4 and 7.6 can also help prevent any sort of calcium buildup.

People on a pool for a reason, don’t let calcium buildup prevent you from being able to live out that reason. Living in your pool. If you have any questions regarding your pool or need a calcium removal service, we have your back! Serving every pool in Covina CA! Give us a call today!