Don’t Buy a Pool Without Answering These 10 Questions

Swimming pools are expensive investments that need careful plotting before installing one. To carefully get things planned out, there are various questions you’ll need to answer. These questions are so crucial that we usually advise that no one should just install a pool in their home if they can’t answer them. It can lead to regrets in the future. Also, these answers will help you make an informed decision on the right pool for your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s dish out these questions to you.

1. What is the purpose of the ?

Understanding what you want a pool for will help you go for pools best tailored to your needs. It will also help you determine the size, shape, and features you’ll need. Pools with different purposes will surely have different. Do you need it for relaxation, entertainment, or exercise?  

A pool meant for relaxation is built differently from one meant for exercise. Knowing just what you need a pool for helps you stay away from regrets in the future.

2. Who will be using the pool with you?

You won’t expect a pool designed for child’s play to look like one designed for romance. So if you are just a couple looking for a relaxing space, you’ll expect a different pool type from that of a family man with children looking for fun. If you have so many friends and will be hosting pool parties often, your pool will definitely look different from that of an introvert in search of an alone-with-myself or few friends treatment.

3. What type of pool suits me better?

We have various types of pools. In-ground, above-ground, semi-in-ground, lap, and an infinity . Each type of pool has its con and its pros that might not quite agree with your needs. Check out the pros and cons of the different pool types here. 

4. Is my yard suitable for pool construction?

This is a very crucial question that demands an answer before making a purchase decision. Several factors come to play when talking about the feasibility of installing a pool at your home. Make sure to hire a professional pool contractor or engineer to evaluate your yard and relate the feasibility of owning a pool. They will perform soil tests–sandy, rocky, or expansive soil predominating your yard is a red flag for you. They’ll also check for any obstacles like tree roots or utility lines that might come in the way during construction. With all these in place, installing and owning your dream pool is already in sight. 

5. What shape and size will the pool be?

Building a pool shape and size that best compliment the architecture of your home is the best approach to enhancing your pool aesthetic with your pool. You wouldn’t want to have a pool that ends up making your backyard look smaller and uncomfortable. It should be one thing on your list to discuss with your pool builder.

6. Are there zoning and permitting requirements in my area?

Before installing a pool, stay in the know if there are any zoning and permitting requirements in your area. If they are, do your homework by familiarizing yourself with the requirements. You wouldn’t want to get involved in any legal complications for just innocently investing in your home. Remember, when it comes to the law, ignorance isn’t an excuse. So, it’s important to be abreast with them and adhere to them. 

7. Will I be using a pool feature of any sort in the future?

The answer to this question helps your pool builder when constructing your pool. For example, if you need to add a spa feature to your pool in the future. The pool builder will build the pool with that in mind and use designs that will accommodate the spa feature in the future. Some pool features can’t just be added to your pool suddenly. It’s much cheaper to accommodate future plans in your original design than to modify them later on. So, if you didn’t have it all planned out from now, you might as well forget about adding it as well or be ready to pay through your nose. To play safe, it’s best you communicate all features you are interested in to your pool builder.

8. What safety measures are necessary?

Safety is a top priority for a pool. Especially when you have kids or pets around. Statistics show that more children ages 1-4 die from drowning than any other cause of death. To avoid tragic consequences and regrets over your investment, it’s important you implement some safety measures such as pool fences, alarms, and covers to prevent accidents. Make sure your pool environment is secure for safe swimming.

9. Have you researched reputable pool builders?

You can have a perfect pool in mind with all these questions already answered, but still end up having a poorly constructed pool. With reputable pool builders, you are sure of quality craftsmanship and a smooth installation process. To be sure you are making the right choice, don’t just jump into the hands of any pool-building company. Ask for recommendations from friends who have good-quality pools, read the review section, and see what customers have to say about the company. Ask for their licensing and make sure you double-check if the company is new to the business. 

10. What are the maintenance requirements?

After building a pool, it doesn’t end there. Swimming pools require quite a maintenance to still keep them alluring both to you and visitors. Proper maintenance keeps the water clean, keeps the pool tile sparkling, sees to it that the always has a balanced chemistry, and ensures you have all basic cleaning equipment functioning properly. Pool maintenance can be daunting both to old pool owners and the new. 

Outsourcing the maintenance to experts isn’t just the path to ensure the longevity of your pool, but also the best route to ensure your pool stays clean all day long. As pool maintenance experts, we are dedicated to keeping your pool at its top-notch quality as well as keeping it away from the buildup of calcium or algae. Let’s work together to ensure your pool always stays clean. Book an appointment with us.