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Do I Need a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Have you heard of a robotic ? What do you think about such an invention? Cool, right? Actually, many pool owners that use it won’t just think of it as cool. But extraordinary and time saving. 

The truth is, owning a pool requires commitments – obvious commitments. It needs your time and resources for maintenance, upkeep, and to ensure safety. A robotic will clean your pool in the safest possible way. The robotic pool cleaners will also give you one of the most valuable things in the world as it cleans – time! 

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Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

1. Easy way to clean your pool

Everyone is looking for the easiest possible way to achieve their goals. Stress is a painful word. No one loves the stress and the hassle of life. Nothing is as beautiful and mouth-watering as performing a very hectic task in the softest of ways. Knowing that you can control this cute little puppy via your smart devices is just enchanting. It stays in the pool and does the work of two with just swipes and taps. Relieving! 

2. It allows you to multitask

A friend has just called out that he’s coming over to spend the lazy day with you at home. Your pool is a place he will definitely not resist. You don’t have to bother so much. Get your robotic active as you get your home ready. You don’t have to dedicate those couple of hours cleaning your pool without being able to do anything. Do the dishes, change your linen, clean the fridge, prepare the food. And come back to see your pool looking all cute. Job well done! 

3. Saves you money

The robotic pool cleaner has a smaller electric motor when compared to the heavy energy consuming motor in the pool pump. This is the primary reason why the robot will consume far less energy than the pool pump to perform the same task. Putting it in figures, robotic pool cleaner takes about 10 percent dollar per kilowatt hour of the conventional pool pump. That’s a lot of money saved knowing that using a robot pool cleaner will require less time to work.

4. Saves water

Robotic pool cleaners are designed to have their own filters, so they won’t have to rely on your pool’s filter. This will extend the time needed before back washing your sand filter. According to recreational management, you need about 6,300 gallon of water to backwash an Olympic-sized pool. Yeah, your pool is way smaller than the Olympic-sized pool, but it still requires more than a thousand gallons to backwash. 

Meanwhile, if you are moderate, you can use a bucket of water to clean your robot’s filter. That’s a lot of water saved, lots of money saved!

5. They are smart

Apart from being able to operate the robot with your smartphone, the robotic pool cleaners have a built -in navigation system that allows them to cover every inch of your pool. Leaving all spots cleaned off. It doesn’t just move randomly, it moves smartly. 

Some Final Thought about Pool Cleaner

The main reason people shy away from robotic pool cleaners is because they perceive it as too expensive. Some think it’s unnecessary since they already have a pool pump. Well, purchasing it isn’t cheap. But the economics is that, the extra charge you pay for electricity and water; and the charge for time saving and convenience put together, will surely buy you a robotic pool cleaner. Give it some thought. We sell the best at an affordable price. Reach out to us.