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How To Have Your Pool Area Looking New Again!

Lime stains in pool

A common issue that every pool owner will encounter at some point down the road would be calcium buildup in the area around the pool. Calcium buildup can cause your pool to look dated and aged. You spend tens and thousands on a new pool why not just keep it that way? We see so many pools in which the owner didn’t control it! But not everyone knows until it happens to them!

The water line!

The waterline is the most common area for calcium and lime to build up. It’s very important to address it at first sight so it can’t become a big deal because as these build up it causes damage to your pool whether you see it or not. It gets in the pool filters that are designed for soft objects, not hard calcium. See how this can be a potential issue? Another common thing that will happen if it is left untreated for too long is that it will continue to damage the plaster and grow. This will grow anyplace near the pool that is constantly wet. Now that leaves you with 2 problems to fix because the first wasn’t addressed when it should have been!

Causing Irritation To Your Eyes?

A lot of people enjoy swimming with their eyes open and not with goggles. When it gets to a certain point calcium deposit can start to just appear in the pool. This leaves the swimmers at risk of opening their eyes underwater. Another thing is that it leaves the pool uncomfortable. Leaving particles in the pool and making it uncomfortable for swimmers, causing debris to get into the eyes


You can very easily take care of this and save yourself some money by grabbing yourself some toothpaste, baking soda, and vinegar. Using knees together and scraping off the calcium deposits can be much help. Another thing you can do is clean it with muriatic acid. This is a lot more powerful and should be handled with extreme caution. You can pick up muriatic acid at just about any pool store. But before you do any of this contact your local pool store and tell them your situation. See if they can offer any advice on what would best help you in the end.

Choose us!

If you’re ever wondering your pool tiles cleaned, repaired, or replaced you found the right place. Do you want to bring the old life back to your pool? Or pool makeover, rehab special is what you need! Give us a call today for any questions regarding your pool or the services we offer! Call us 626-275-8959! Serving all of Covina Ca!

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Get Rid Of The Calcium Buildup ASAP!

Have you noticed some greyish white scales in your pool? Or some discoloration right around the water line in your pool? Or even some crusty deposits in the corner of your pool? If yes, those are calcium deposits.

Natural stone that had a heavy build up of calcium


This must be one of the many questions on the mind of a pool owner.I would be giving 5 ways on how to remove calcium deposits from your pool.

1. Use a calcium releaser

These products makes it easy to remove calcium deposits. While selecting your product, select acid free calcium releasers, as these products are left a long time on your pool tile before scrubbing off, and the acid could destroy your pool finish.

2. Use scaling treatment

If your pool is made of fiber glass, scaling treatment is advised because other methods would scratch the glass since they involve brushing.

3. Use a pumice

This rock is also effective in removing calcium deposits in pools, make sure the surface of both the rock and the pool is wet, and do not scrub too hard in order not to deface your pool.

4. Use white vinegar and a scrub brush

Fill a water bottle spray with half water and half vinegar solution, spray on your pool tile and leave for some minutes before rubbing gently with a scrub brush.

5. Use muriatic acid

This is also known as Hydrochloric acid, this acid has high strength in removing mineral deposits, calcium deposits inclusive.While using it, you should be fully clothed with your google and gloves in order to avoid safety hazards. Make sure not to leave the acid too long because you do not want to destroy the finish of your pool.


You can always try:

Calcium deposits are caused by an imbalance between the calcium levels and the Ph of your pool.Before we go into removing these calcium deposits, to prevent future deposits you might want to do the following:

(1) Try reducing evaporation in your pool, by installing a pool cover, because when water evaporates, calcium becomes concentrated.

(2) Try draining your pool and lowering the PH of the new water, this is done so if the pool is exposed to sunlight, there won’t be an imbalance between the PH and the calcium level.

Calcium deposits in pools can have side effects on people who use the pool, these effects can range from eye irritation to whole body irritation, they are also irritating to look at and would reduce the interest of people in your pool.

When removiy these deposits, make sure you are dressed properly to avoid safety hazards and also try as much as possible not to destroy the finish of your pool.

With this guide, we are sure you will bring your pool to it’s former glory.

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Why Are Their Flakes In My Pool? And What Are They?

Your Pool’s Worst Nightmare!

When it comes to calcium scaling, many people don’t know what to look for. It tends to be a whitish-gray stain that always forms along the poolside where the waterline is on the tile. A lot of pool owners seem to think that this comes with old age but calcium skills like these can be removed! And along with that preventative steps to help prevent calcium buildup again are required to help keep your pool looking it’s best! 

Ceramic tile with heavy build up

Types of calcium

When it comes to calcium there are two types of ways calcium skills form in your pool. Calcium carbonate and calcium silicate. Calcium carbonate tends to be more flaky and white in color. Allowing for easy removal! And calcium silicate is gray in color and way more difficult to get off!

Something else to know, when calcium silicate starts to build up in your pool, you will have scaling in your pool filtration pipes. When calcium scales start to build up in your pool the best thing for you to do is reach out to a pool cleaner and have them get the pieces out. Flakes of calcium cannot only ruin your whole pool system, but this year‘s summer is fun as well!

Removing calcium Carbonate and Silicate

When it comes to removing these two types of calcium scales, there are a few types to get them gone and keep it that way! When it comes to calcium carbonate scaling the most common way to take care of that would be to remove them with a stain eraser, scale remover, or a pumice stone. But with today’s market, there are many available commercial Saint erasers for your pool. Most of the products are designed to be applied to specific areas of your pool so it does not cause any sort of damage. Not only that but they make for easy application, all you have to do is follow the instructions. But when it comes to removing calcium silicate skills there is only one reliable way to get this job done on your own. And that is with a pumice stone, these require hard work but can’t but used on Vinyl or fiberglass pools.

Preventing Calcium Buildup For The Future!

What causes calcium scaling your IV is an imbalance between the calcium levels and pH of your pool. So with that said you should be able to prevent any type of calcium buildup by addressing these three things. Either lowering the pH of your pool’s water, installing an automatic pool cover that helps limit the amount of water that’s allowed to evaporate, or give you water the reverse osmosis treatment. The one thing we didn’t mention in the list above would be to hire a pool specialist! Here at calcium killer, our team is certified with all of the knowledge to help ensure your pool is looking beautiful 365 days out of the year! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pool’s current state, give us a call!

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What Makes Calcium Killer Different From Everyone Else!

The Pool Cleaning Professionals!

At calcium killer, we understand a few more things than your average pool cleaning company does. We understand that you love to use your pool and you love the way it looks. Not only do we offer your ordinary calcium removal/tile cleaning service, but much more! Our professional team can handle any problems you have and take care of them with ease!

Tile Cleaning/ Calcium Removal

Pools that have made it through a few summers will typically start to have some sort of small damages. If the pool has tiles in your pool are beat-up, cracked, chipped, no worries! We can take care of that. Depending on the current tile you have, prices can range. Now you’re probably thinking how is it going to match all of my other discolored tiles? Well no worries, our team has the necessary tools equipped with them to get the job done. making all of the pool tiles look new again!

Power Washing

When it comes to your outdoor living area, many people wish that it would look 20 years younger again! Well with the power of our power washer, that is nothing but achievable! Many people realize the benefits that a power washer can bring, but don’t want to go and break the bank trying to buy one. At calcium killer we have you covered! Helping you in any way that helps regain the love you once had for your pool area. What’s the point of having a spotless pool, but a dirty area? That’s like driving a Ferrari but not ever giving it a car wash!

Pool Rehab Special!

Believe it or not many homeowners give up on their pool because they feel that it is too far gone. They fear that after it has become discolored and full of algae, there’s no saving it. Well, that simply is just not the case, at calcium killer we specialize in bringing your pool back to life! We give your pool all the love and attention it needs to get it back to normal, but when we leave we need your help to do the same. Owning a pool is like a chore that never ends, you constantly have to take care of it to keep it looking its best year-round. Our pool rehab special will have us drain your pool, acid wash and clean your plaster, and remove any and all calcium buildup or scales. And after that, we leave you with the pool you remember 15 years ago when you first bought it! Just leave it up to our pool experts!

Contact Us!

At Calcium Killer we have the team of professionals that you should want to hire! Our range of services is vast and if you have any questions regarding your pool or a certain job that you aren’t too sure if we offer, feel free to contact us at 626-275-8959. We strive to leave our customers with a grin from ear to ear and a pool like no other! Serving all of the pool owners in Covina CA and neighboring cities!

Calcium Gone

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